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Reduce · Reuse · Refill · Repeat

Collaboration Celebration™

Our Mission

We created Collaboration Celebration for a simple purpose  -  to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by the reuse of wine bottles.  After finishing this delicious premium red wine, save the bottle so we can keep recycling the savings to you. Sustainability never tasted so good!

Celebration Club

As a member of The Celebration Club your wine goes to you directly from the winery.  But, we need your help. This special “wholesale” pricing only works if we work together and recycle the bottles. We are going to be delivering premium wine at a value price to your doorstep every month or you may choose to pick up at the winery.  Either way, we will pick up the empty Celebration bottles or you return them to the winery.

How It Works

Christopher Cellars will deliver 3, 6, or 12+ bottles of Collaboration Celebration Red Blend to Celebration Club members’ doorsteps once a month. The area in Sacramento County in which you live will determine your delivery date. If you are unable to accept the delivery, Do NOT worry! We will have designated times and days for you to pick up your order!  Your first order is $20.00 per bottle BUT for every bottle you return, your next bottle of Collaboration Celebration is $10.00 a bottle!  A 50% savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I find this wine?

This Collaboration Celebration wine is exclusively available to members of the Celebration Club

How do I sign up?

Email or call 916-385-1340 and provide your name and credit card information for either the 3 for $30, 6 for $60 or 12 for $120 Celebration Club.

How do you sanitize the wine bottles?

Each bottle is placed in a commercial grade 3-step dishwasher that sanitizes the inside and outside at 185⁰.

When is the first delivery?

June, 2020

Does someone have to be at least 21 to receive the deliveries?

Yes, indeed!

What are you doing to protect the community from COVID-19?

Due to all of our bottles being silk-screen printed (no paper labels), we are able to sanitize all of the bottles before delivering to your doorstep. Delivery drivers will be wearing gloves.

How do I return the bottles to you?

Many club members have indicated that they will do the exchange at the winery.  If we deliver your monthly order, we will swap your empties with your new bottles of wine.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee.  You may cancel at any time by simply emailing

How often does the blend change?

The blend will change once or twice a year, but style will always be the same; smooth and fruit-forward!

Can I change my membership from 3 bottles to a higher amount?

Of course! Anytime someone adds additional Collaboration Celebration wines to their monthly subscription, there will be a one-time $20.00 charge per added bottle.

What happens if I don’t return the wine bottle?

No worries, your wine will still arrive. There will be a $10.00 per bottle replacement charge to your account.

Will sales tax be added?

 Yes, the sale tax will be added to all orders.

What are the pick-up times if I miss the delivery?

Thursdays, Saturdays and Mondays 12 – 5pm.  These times may change.

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