2020 American Barbera

2020 American Barbera
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Crafted from grapes harvested from Leland Noma's vineyard, which has been around for more than half a century, the 2020 Gold Barbera is an excellent example of New World winemaking. This barbera has undergone native fermentation and has been aged for a total of 24 months in new American oak barrels, resulting in a wine with a rich complexity of flavors.

On the nose, the wine exudes lively aromas of red fruits, accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla and baking spices. As you take a sip, the deep cherry notes are immediately noticeable, complemented by rhubarb flavors that add a delightful tang to the wine's overall profile.

The wine's well-structured tannins lend it a firm backbone, contributing to its long-lasting finish. Moreover, its rich mouth-feel further enhances the drinking experience, making it a wine that leaves a lasting impression. Overall, the 2020 Gold Barbera is a perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a wine that is both flavorful and complex.

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