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The Year’s Best Zinfandels – 2024

Christopher Mora
July 2, 2024 | Christopher Mora

The Year’s Best Zinfandels – 2024

Christopher Cellars Cherryhouse Vineyard 2022 Zinfandel was recently mentioned in the Peidmont Post by Pierre DuMont titled "The Year’s Best Zinfandels – 2024."

The Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) tasting in San Francisco showcased a variety of outstanding Zinfandels, highlighting the grape's versatility and California's mastery of it. Zinfandel, though not native to California, has become synonymous with the state's winemaking. The tasting featured a range of wines, mostly priced between $25 and $50, offering exceptional quality and value.

Christopher Cellars was among the esteemed producers at the event, presenting their 2022 Zinfandel from the Cherryhouse Vineyard in the Mokelumne River AVA. Aged in 40% new French oak, this wine impressed with its lush profile, featuring notes of cassis, blackberry, plum, leather, and earth, culminating in a structured, long finish.

The article also highlighted several other exceptional Zinfandels from different regions and producers, illustrating the grape's diversity and the skill of California winemakers in crafting world-class wines.



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